Leveraging Rollup technologies, Alterium swiftly processes and verifies transactions, thereby revolutionizing transaction speeds.


Low Costs

By processing transactions on our Layer 2 network, Alterium significantly reduces transaction fees usually associated with main blockchains.



With Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus and advanced cryptographic techniques, Alterium ensures an incredibly secure environment for all transactions.

what is Alterium

Your Key to Fast, Secure, and Economical Layer 2 Blockchain Transactions.

Experience the power of Layer 2 blockchain with Alterium, a state-of-the-art solution designed to address the scalability and cost issues of conventional Layer 1 blockchains. Harnessing pioneering technologies, Alterium offers a platform enabling seamless, secure, and affordable transactions across a multitude of blockchain networks.

Our Mission

At Alterium, our mission is to revolutionize the blockchain technology landscape by providing cutting-edge Layer 2 solutions that tackle scalability and cost hurdles

Our Vision

We envision a future where blockchain technology becomes a seamless and integral part of everyday life, powering secure, transparent, and efficient processes across industries.

The Future

In the future, Alterium sees itself at the forefront of blockchain innovation, leading the charge in addressing the scalability and cost challenges that have hindered the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology.

our story

Meet Alterium - The Future of Layer 2 Blockchain Technology

Born with a clear vision - to break new ground in blockchain technology and stimulate its adoption - Alterium stands as a trailblazer in the Layer 2 blockchain solution space. We are committed to delivering a platform that marries speed, security, and cost-effectiveness. By tackling scalability and cost hurdles, we believe we can welcome a new era of blockchain technology.

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Discover the Technology Powering Alterium

Technology Behind Alterium

Our unique blend of advanced technologies forms the backbone of Alterium's Layer 2 solution. Rollup Technology, by processing multiple transactions simultaneously, our Rollup technology dramatically reduces the time and cost per transaction. Interoperability, with support for a wide variety of Layer 1 blockchains, Alterium ensures a seamless transaction experience across different networks. Smart Contracts, we facilitate the execution of smart contracts, enabling the creation of efficient, cost-effective decentralized applications (dApps). Security, utilizing the PoS consensus and top-tier cryptographic mechanisms, Alterium provides a platform where security is always paramount.

use case

Unlock the Full Potential of Layer 2 Blockchain with Alterium.

Alterium's Layer 2 solution has a wide range of applications: NFT Marketplace, DeFi, Micropayments

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Future forecast

Our Future Roadmap

Q3 - Project Initiation
  • Formation of the core team and advisory board
  • Establishment of project goals and technical specifications
  • Initial development and design of the Layer 2 blockchain protocol
  • Building strategic relationships with early investors and partners
  • Launching the official Alterium website and social media channels
Q4 - Development Phase I
  • Commencement of Alterium's core technology development
  • Development and testing of Rollup technology for fast transaction processing
  • Initiation of smart contract functionality development
  • Interoperability tests with various Layer 1 blockchains
  • Public introduction of the Alterium project and its objectives
Q1 - Development Phase II
  • Completion of Alterium's core technology development
  • Development and testing of Alterium's Proof of Stake consensus algorithm
  • In-depth security audits and vulnerability assessments
  • Development of the Alterium wallet
  • Preparation for Alterium's testnet launch
Q2 - Testnet Launch & Feedback
  • Launch of Alterium's testnet
  • Collection and implementation of community feedback
  • Launch of a bug bounty program to ensure network security
  • Updating and upgrading the Alterium wallet based on testnet results
  • Announcement and details of Alterium's mainnet launch
Q3 - Mainnet Launch & TGE
  • Launch of Alterium's mainnet
  • Alterium Token (ALT) generation event
  • Listing ALT on major cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Launch of the updated Alterium wallet
  • Initiation of marketing campaigns to promote mainnet launch
Q4 - Partnership & Integration
  • Establishing partnerships with DeFi platforms, NFT marketplaces, and Layer 1 blockchains
  • Onboarding of the first batch of users and developers
  • Hosting developer workshops and webinars
  • Development of additional features and functionalities based on user feedback
  • Introduction of governance proposals
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